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Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership

Tidal Dee Photo Credit: Bald Hiker (Paul Steele)
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Who is The Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership

The Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership was formed in response to Defra’s 2013 call for hosts to facilitate local collaboration between stakeholders, and to identify priority actions for the water environment, in line with the Catchment Based Approach (Appendix 3) of: Delivering positive and sustained outcomes for the water environment by promoting a better understanding of the environment at a local level; and Encouraging local collaboration and more transparent decision-making when both planning and delivering activities to improve the water environment which also deliver multiple benefits to the environment and society including Biodiversity 2020 and flood risk management objectives. For two years the Welsh Dee Trust and Cheshire Wildlife Trust co-hosted the Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership. Since then Cheshire Wildlife Trust has become the sole host and Flintshire County Council now Chairs the Steering Group.

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The Tidal Dee Catchment partnership is hosted by Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Contact Hfox@cheshirewt.org.uk